I write to you today on behalf of all Mizzima journalists and staff to express my sincere thanks for your support of Mizzima in 2021. Your donation via PayPal has allowed Mizzima to manage a difficult and stressful, yet highly successful, transition in our media production following the 1 February coup in Myanmar. Our journalists are working seven days a week, putting their own personal safety and comfort on the line, to bring the reality of events in Myanmar to readers and listeners in Myanmar and throughout the world.

Today, I am proud to say that Mizzima is the No. 1 online source for news and information concerning post-coup Myanmar, boasting some 21 million followers of our Burmese language Facebook page alone. This is in addition to operating two top 5 TV channels. Moreover, Mizzima is increasingly broadcasting reports from citizen journalists, ethnic voices and resistance forces – growing Mizzima into a platform for alliances and enhancing appreciation for the role of Mizzima as an independent media outlet in post-coup Myanmar.

These achievements are remarkable considering the obstacles faced amidst severe social, economic and political upheaval.

I am also pleased to announce that Mizzima commenced both FM and shortwave radio broadcasting over the latter stages of 2021. These services will ensure that even more people throughout Myanmar – including heretofore difficult to reach populations – and the region are able to access timely and accurate news and information on the latest happenings in Myanmar.

Turning to 2022, we vow to continue our struggle against military dictatorship and censorship until we are successful in seeing the advent of an inclusive and democratic Myanmar. As a part of this vision, we will continue to establish and strengthen coalitions with ethnic and regional media houses. In this way, Mizzima’s media operations will serve as a microcosm for a larger vision of democratization and federalism for Myanmar.

In appreciation of your generosity and wishing you all the best in the New Year,

Soe Myint – Mizzima Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief