Mizzima Foundation activities include research projects, public engagements on policy advocacy and capacity building workshops by streamlining its priorities. Mizzima Foundation is committed to bring together diverse stakeholders from all regions of Myanmar as equal partners in all its activities. This will provide a space and a common platform for everyone to share knowledge and experience, and learn from each other.

Knowledge Production and Dissemination

  1. Convening/promoting high level policy dialogues, meetings and workshops, socially relevant campaigns, research and documentation (visual, written) on issues of social and economic development
  2. Fostering cross national learning and sharing platforms between Myanmar and neighboring countries
  3. Fostering international friendship and cooperation among government and non-government agencies

Capacity Building

  1. Facilitate/undertake capacity development among Myanmar citizens on advocacy, campaigning and social change
  2. Facilitate/undertake citizen participation in media to advance accountability (citizen journalism, social media, new forms of media content production and distribution)
  3. Contribute to media development via innovation and research

Pilot Development Projects (social innovations)

  1. Collaborate, facilitate and partner with local communities, CSOs, local NGOs, INGOs, donors and the private sector for the promotion of social innovation projects and social entrepreneurship in the areas of community development, rural development, rural livelihoods and related fields
  2. Create platforms for the learning and sharing of social innovations