Mizzima was founded by the current Editor In-Chief/Managing Director Mr Soe Myint and Director Ms Thin Thin Aung in 1998 when they lived as refugees in India as an independent news agency to provide high quality and unbiased news relating to Myanmar. Since then, the Mizzima has taken an active role in strengthening public awareness on democratization, freedom of expression and free flow of information for public interest.

When Myanmar began transitioning into a democratic nation in 2010, Mizzima Media continued its work by covering issues related to democratic and reform processes in Myanmar. Mizzima was the first exile media to move back inside Myanmar in January 2012, after the country opened up for democratic changes. Mizzima Media Co. Ltd. produces daily digital newspaper in Myanmar, a Mizzima Weekly in English, television programs on business, sports, youth, agriculture, travelogue, women and entertainment and websites in both Myanmar (www.mizzimaburmese.com) and English (www.mizzima.com). Mizzima is launching its Free-To-Air Digital Television Channel in 2018. Additionally, Mizzima media products such as SMS, Radio News, Video News and Images are also available on various digital platforms and mobile phones in Myanmar. Mizzima also prides itself on our active cooperation with other national and international stakeholders in the media reform process in Myanmar.

As the situation changed and people’s attention shifted to strengthening democratization, the Board of Directors of Mizzima Media decided to establish a not-for-profit foundation to continue its commitment to social justice issues.

Mizzima Foundation Today

Mizzima Foundation was established in 2015 as a not-for-profit foundation and incorporated in 2017 to take a leading role in championing knowledge-based social interventions for democratization and reform process of Myanmar. The Foundation strongly believes that Myanmar, as a young democracy in transition, needs the unwavering support of the people with actions to lay a firm foundation for a thriving democracy.

The Foundation is committed to carry out policy advocacy activities such as evidence-based research and public engagement events to strengthen stakeholders’ awareness and capacity in policy dialogue and development. The Foundation is expanding its mandate to further strengthen and help remove barriers for inter-regional stakeholders’ collaboration in policy dialogue and development in democratization and reform process of Myanmar.


To contribute to the social change and economic development of Myanmar.


An inclusive and prosperous Myanmar.

Board of Directors Board of Directors

  1. U Soe Myint – Chairman
  2. Daw Thin Thin Aung – Secretary
  3. Daw No No Lin – Treasure
  4. Daw Theingi Tun – Auditor
  5. U Pu Thoure – Asset Manager