Mizzima Foundation organizes a range of events on policy advocacy and capacity building to engage, inform and inspire people of Myanmar on democratization and reform process. These events include training, workshops, seminars, speaker series, forum and conferences.

All upcoming events will be posted on this site. Please visit again for upcoming events.

Past Events

Policy Engagements

  1. AAM-Mizzima Policy Dialogue – Equitable and All-inclusive development of Myanmar – Addressing the Challenging Issues, 18th June 2017, Yangon
  2. AAM-Mizzima Workshop – “Budget Analysis- Orientation” to the honorable members of the Union Parliament by Mr. Srinivas Kumar Alamuru, Adviser, Centre for Budget & Policy Studies, Bangalore at Parliament House, Nay Pyi Taw on 12 February 2017
  3. AAM-Mizzima Workshop – “Budget Analysis – Orientation” to the honourable members of Parliament, Yangon Regional Parliament members By Mr A Srinivas, CBPS, on 15th Feb 2017 at Yangon
  4. AAM-Mizzima Policy Dialogue – Issues and challenges of domestic resource mobilisation for poverty reduction and effectiveness of spending, 6th Aug 2016, Nay Pyi Taw
  5. AAM-Mizzima – Public Talk – Addressing Myanmar Challenges of Economic Growth, Development and Poverty Reduction – by Profs. Jayati Ghosh and C P Chandrasekhar of JNU India, 27th Aug 2016
  6. Informal Discussion between visiting Economics Scholars from India with officials of the Ministry of Planning and Finance (and economic coordination committee members)& dinner meeting with Parliamentarians on 25th Aug 2016, Nay Pyi Taw
  7. AAM-Mizzima Policy Dialogue – Socio-Economic Development in Myanmar 28th May 2016, Yangon
  8. Mizzima – AAM Policy Dialogue – Status of Media in Myanmar May 2016
  9. Public talk by Professor Muhammad Yunus, on Approaches to Entrepreneurship and SME Development – Role of social business and financial inclusion, 29 March 2015, jointly organized by NESAC and UMFCCI
  10. Regional budget workshops – 2015, 2016 (in Kayin, Kayah, Ayerawaddy, Mandaly, and Sagaing)
  11. Annual Budget Awareness and budget consultations held at Yangon (from 2014-16)

Research studies:

  1. Rural Inequalities in Myanmar, Policy Brief April 2017
  2. Rural Socioeconomic inequalities at State and Regional Level, January 2017
  3. Domestic Resource Mobilisation and Education financing in Myanmar, Scoping Study, January 2017
  4. A case for gender responsive budgeting in Myanmar (Policy Brief, 2016)
  5. People’s Report on Education, 2016
  6. Capacities of Stakeholders in Emergency Response, A field study 2015
  7. Special supplements on Women in Elections (produced by Mizzima), 2015
  8. Local Development funds in Myanmar – An Initial Review (Oct 2015) jointly commissioned by AAM and Asia Foundation/MDRI
  9. Annual Budget analysis studies (2012, 2014, 2015,2016)